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Lauren's Journey

We all need to sleep.  Most of us have gotten really good at running on fumes, focusing more on the stress of each day instead of our sleep needs.  Children are different.  They need their naps and a full nights sleep every day.  We've all been there when a nap goes awry.  All of a sudden your sweet little tyke has turned into the Hulk and that's when our panic sets in.  We scramble to calm them down by any means necessary and then when it's finally bedtime they lie in bed wide awake, sometimes for hours, and we wonder "how is this possible, I know my child is exhausted."  But there is a reason for why this happens AND a solution to the problem.

Every child, from about 4 months old adjusted, has a "sleep window", which is the time their bodies and brains are naturally predisposed to sleep.  And when we miss that window, we can have a really difficult time getting our child to finally fall asleep.  If not corrected, things can snowball and become a big issue.  Long term lack of sleep in children has been linked to numerous behavioral and cognitive delays and issues.  The wonderful thing is that most sleep issues are correctable and that's where I come in.

When you use Coastal Sleep Services as your coach,  you know that you are working with a pediatric sleep consultant who was trained and certified by the Family Sleep Institute.  In addition, I am trained in SIDS prevention and have completed a lactation course.  With CSS, you will receive a personalized sleep plan that has been tailored to you and your child's needs.  My goal is to educate and empower each family I work with on the benefits of positive sleep habits.  It is absolutely possible to have a child who LOVES to sleep and to do so independently!  As long as there is consistency, a full nights sleep is absolutely within your reach!  


Lauren Resetar lives on the New Jersey Coast with her boyfriend & step-son (who was her first sleep trainee).  When she is not helping little ones sleep better, she enjoys spending time with her family & friends, exploring the Jersey Shore, all things Bravo & working on DIY projects!


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